Grocery Shopping Tours

Achieving any fitness goal begins with selecting the most nutritious food at the grocery store.  We realize how confusing and frustrating it is to make smart food choices due to advertising gimmicks, media hype, and/or a lack of knowledge.  To alleviate confusion, we offer nutrition tours at your local grocery store to guide you to foods that will energize you, boost your metabolism, and maximize fat loss, in order to reach your goals.  Selecting foods will become an understandable process rather than a daunting task!  During the tour you will learn how to read nutrition labels, avoid marketing traps, improve nutrient quality, and add variety to your healthy lifestyle plan, while saving money along the way.


  • Become a knowledgeable and informed shopper
  • Make smart food selections that are healthy and satisfying
  • Differentiate between low fat, fat free, light, less, lower, and other food labels
  • Create lifelong eating habits for a healthier lifestyle